The RD SYDRIX PRO's disc closure system saves crucial seconds so you can be out riding faster than ever. With its asymmetrical design, the SYDRIX PRO distributes pressure optimally across the foot, even when you're pushing max watts. The black'n'white colour way goes with any outfit to transcend kit-matching concerns, while dirt is kept at bay by the dirt-repellent upper which hides a breathable tongue to prevent heat build-up..

- Disc closure

- Natural Fit performance moulding

- Natural Fit insole

- Asymmetric design for equal pressure distribution

- CUBE Anti-Slip System

- Reinforced toe box

- Replaceable heel studs

- Clipless-ready, glass fibre outsole

- Dirt-resistant upper

- Ventilated tongue

- Reflective heel detail

- Stiffness index: 9

- Weight: 464 g

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