Rodillera X Actionteam Evolution


The collaboration with the experienced Cube Actionteam resulted in the perfect combination of protection and comfort, which is always relied on even at full speed.

The knee protector X Actionteam evolution, the further development of the X Actionteam, fits perfectly to your knee thanks to pre-curved Natural Fit shape and maximum flexibility, the LXMPH silicone print inside prevents annoying slippage. Thanks to excellent impact absorption, the pre-shaped protector made of viscoelastic soft foam (SAS-Tec SC-1/42, certified according to EN 1621-1:2012 Level 2) offers optimum protection.

Additional foam pads protect against lateral impacts and unplanned contact with the top tube or handlebars and provide extended protection and low friction when pedaling at the shin. Abrasion-resistant knee zones and Velcro fasteners on the upper cuff complete the performance. Let's rock!

Pre-curved Natural Fit design

LXMPH silicone print for secure retention

Velcro upper straps

Protector: SAS-Tec SC-1/42, certified to EN 1621-1:2012 Level 2

Lateral protection of the knee

Extended protection on the shin


Maximum flexibility

Abrasion-resistant knee zones
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