ACID GRIPS DISRUPT Translucent Oilslick

So grippy it grips you back. The directional diamond anti-slip structure is specially designed to deliver outstanding grip for your hands and prevent you from slipping off the bars. Mushroom Cushioning areas on the upper and around the index finger/thumb absorb the shocks so you can go big on the jumps. The angled waffle structure underneath follows your fingertips so you can really dig in for maximum grip.

NF Ergonomics philosophy applied to maximise control even during extreme rides

Mushroom Cushioning areas for shock and vibration absorption

directional anti-slip structure to prevent slipping off the grip

waffle structure underneath for increased grip

clamp at inner end

high-end cold-forged aluminium clamp

ACID GILink interface for tools and other accessories


Ø30,5mm: (DxL) 30,5 x 138 mm

Ø32,5mm: (DxL) 32,5 x 138 mm




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