CUBE Bosch Charger 2A

$ 2,970
SKU: 12066

The Compact Charger is the perfect charger for anyone making long journeys with their eBike. Small and compact, the 2A charger weighs only approx. 600 grams. It is 40% smaller than the Standard Charger and fits easily into any saddlebag. The Compact Charger is suitable for mains voltages between 110 and 230 volts and can be used in Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia.

color - black
Mains voltage: 110-230 V; Dimensions: 160 x 75 x 45 mm; Charging time: approx. 5 h for PowerPack 300, approx. 6.5 h for PowerPack 400, approx. 7.5 h for PowerPack 500; Weight: incl. cable approx. 600 grams; No vents, therefore insensitive to dust; Compatible with Active Line, Performance Line and Performance Line CX; Compatible with Classic+ using optional adapter plug
weight - 600g