ACID Bike Cleaner 750ml

$ 260

Bring up your bike good as new, with the ACID Bike Cleaner. It removes stubborn dirt from the entire bike without being harsh on the material and is suitable for use on all materials and surfaces, including carbon-fibre, plastic, aluminium and matt paintwork. Top quality – Made in Germany.

- ingredients: Aqua; Capryl Glucoside; Pentasodium Triphosphate; Phenoxyethanol; Xanthan Gum; Parfum; Sodium Pyrithione; Colorant
- features: powerful cleaner for use on the entire bike; effectively removes stubborn dirt and grime; particularly gentle; cleans oil build-up from chains and sprockets; suitable for use on all materials and surfaces including carbon-fibre, plastic, aluminium, matt paintwork etc.; suitable for e-bikes; Made in Germany
- volume: 750 ml

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